South Sudan Crisis

By Abraham Madit Majak

Current violence in South Sudan has displaced tens of thousands of people, and thousands have died since war broke out again in December 2013. The UN reports that in Unity State 437,600 people have had to leave their homes, in Upper Nile State 244,900 people have been displaced, in Jonglei State 595,500 people have fled,and in Ethiopia there are 206,920 refugees. As government and rebels continue to fight, people die every day and women and children are suffering. South Sudan’s economy is also suffering and oil revenues are falling because of the war.

On May 16 2015, fighting broke out again within Malakal town of Upper Nile State between government troops and allied militias against forces loyal to SPLA Major General Johnson Olony. Rebels were trying to capture oil field before SPLA Armypushed them out. The media has misreportedongoing crisis in South Sudan, because the war in South Sudan is not Dinka vs. Nuer tribes; it’s government vs. rebel. But rebel leader RiakMacher was using his own tribe Nuer to overthrow president Salve Kiir. War in South Sudan leaves my family back home in mourning.

My heart too is breaking, to lose more family members now because of the violence seems impossible. I have lost two cousins Matue Maciek Adhelmouz, and Magok Aliak-aliak within a single week. These losses have caused great pain to our families. South Sudan had so much hope when they achieved independence from North Sudan in 2011, but now they throw that hope in the trash and wage war on each other. It’s the most sad thing I could ever imagine, because there is no point at all in South Sudanese fighting each other. South Sudan government and rebels must come to their senses—war is killing our young people. South Sudan government and rebels choose to destroy the country instead developing the country.

South Sudan lacks infrastructure, economy, schools, and hospitals. Agriculture is the lifeline for our villages, but now due to ongoing war, farmers are prevented from farming and they flee for their lives to UN compounds. The country is only three years old and now they are going back to war killing each other over oil and power and innocent civilians are dying. I feel disappointed because South Sudan crisis is creating more orphans, widows, and human suffering and messing up the economy in our country. The only way South Sudan has to save herself from failing is to have peace among themselves, because without peace in the heart of people, there will no stability for the country.

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