How many of you can say that you have walked 1000 miles?
Through the wilderness
At the age of 5
Without your parents
While being shot at by an army
Avoiding Lions, Hyenas and Alligators
Watching your friends die and fall along the way by the dozens?

How many of you can say that your village was invaded by heavily armed, illegal armies
In the middle of the night
Losing your parents in the process
Ending up in a refugee camp in a different country
Where you spent the next 10 years without your parents?

That is the start of our story – two of the “Lost Boys”
However, we “Lost Boys” don’t like that name, because we
Aren’t all boys – though most of us were, and
We are no longer lost.
We are found. We are focused.
And we are effectively rebuilding our lives and the lives of the families we left behind.
That is why we would like to share with you today to increase your awareness of what is now happening in South Sudan and to enlist your assistance as we work toward rebuilding lives and the infrastructure of our villages.

-Abraham and Isaac Majak







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