Rescue South Sudan Village People

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The Dirty Cattle Boys

It was during the September of the year 1996, few months after the Ashondong forceful Conscription and when we had settled in at the triangle

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Story of Mabior Tiok

Long, long year ago there were amazing stories happened in Yirol villages, special in my tribe. Every story as been told in our community, it started from my tribes and passes long to different tribes around Yirol area. Those stories had been told to the generations to the next generation because people will not forget them because the stories had good mean. I will tell three important stories happen in my tribe back century ago. My tribes are they hero of Dinka Yirol because they save people lives when there is big problem accrue in our society. These tribes called Pajaak they sacrifice their lives to safe other people lives. Dinka Yirol people they believe that this tribes are really true worries, because they don’t afraid anything that killed people they will fight for it unit they killed it.

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