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Story of Lion Makoi

JubaLion Makoi was a wild lion that eat people in the villages in southern Sudan. Lion Makoi’s story was well known in our society because it was amazing story to tell to the people. This story has been told generation to generations because it has a powerful meaning. Long years ago, people in villages didn’t have any guns to for attack themselves from the dangerous they were facing because people were lack of education. Makoi started eating people in 1941 to 1942 in a village called Akot. Akot is located in Dinka Agaar area. When Lion Makoi started eaten people in the village Akot, he was started eating young children first after he attacked adults. He could attack kids who took cattle for grazing in the forces because in Dinka culture the young boy between ages ten to seventeen year old will take cows and goats for gazing grass. The lion Makoi was wild and dangerous because people of Dinka Agaar were afraid of him. Agaar people were scared of Lion Makoi because they couldn’t stop his killing people of Akot village.

Dinka Agaar tribes didn’t know what to do with Makoi because they could not killed him because he was too strong to them and he was about to finished children in Akot neighborhoods. Dinka Agaar elders of the village used magic power to sent Lion Makoi away from Agaar region. Within that year, lion Makoi killed many people in agaar villages. Dinka Agaar tribes and Dinka Yirol tribes are good neighbor they share border, and land together. Dinka Agaar semen lion Makoi to Yirol because they think that Yirol people will be able to killed him. Lion Makoi was a lion and human to because when he tried to killed people, he could come where people at and turn to human and speak like human. Lion Makoi arrived in Yirol areas in early 1943. Before he enters in Yirol, there was a river between Dinka Agaar and Dinka Yirol and it is most to a cross the river to enter Yirol. Makoi didn’t know how to swim and he wanted to cross the river, but he could not cross because the river was too full with water.

He saw a fisherman with his boat who was selling at the river tingajees he calls him, and told him that he need help to cross a river tingajees. The fisherman told him that if you want me to take you other side of the river, you have to pay me money so that I could take you to the other side. Lion Makoi told him that he didn’t have any money to pay him because he was new in areas. The fisherman agrees to help him to cross the river, but the fisherman didn’t know that he was a lion because when he was talking to him, he looks at him as human being. While Lion Makoi and the fisherman were in the middle of the river, the fisherman just learned that the person with him in the boat together was not a human. The fisherman was scared and he tries to do something, but Lion Makoi worn him that if you do something stupid I will kill you. The fisherman took him outside the river and he told him that if you told things to anyone about me, I will find you and eat you. Also he told the fisherman that he will not eat him today because he helps him to cross the river. After he arrived in some of the villages in Yirol areas, he went to where Majok-Chedhiop village hutpeople gathering and attack people.

The place he attack people a lot was in the dance areas because Dinka people they started their dance at ten o’clock at night unit three o’clock in the morning. After the dance, everybody went home by singing their own song. While they are on their way home, Lion Makoi waited for them on the road side and attacks them. One night he will kill ten to twenty people. The village’s people didn’t have much power to kill lion Makoi because he was too strong to them. One day Lion Makoi when to the Village called Majok-Chedhiop which was the tribes called pajaak people were living. At the day he attack people in the village of Majok-Chedhiop, there was a wedding party was held in that village. A lot of people were shown up for the wedding.  A young man who people were celebrated his wedding was the victim of Makoi. Lion Makoi attack people in the wedding sermon and killed the groom that was married and ate him. Groom was special person in Pajaak tribes so people were mad for the death of lovely one. People in the villages were very upset for what Lion Makoi did, and every tribe in Ciec community took their stronger men to hut lion Makoi down. On that day, Makoi was killing people around the villages even he attack people on the day time. One guy from Pajaak followed him wherever Makoi gone because he wanted to know exactly the location he will be slept. So Lion Makoi went to the big bush and sleep. The guy who was follow him, he saw which bush he went to, and then he turned to the village told people where the lion was. The villages people shown the young stronger men to go and killed lion Makoi. Also the elders of the village came up with the planed that all tribes will bought their stronger men to go and kill lion Makoi. People came in that bush with different groups of tribes and they surrounded the bush.

Lion Makoi didn’t know what is going on outside the bush because he was sleeping. One person started to attack Makoi because he was still sleep, but Makoi smell human he woke and he saw crew of people who surrounded him. So jump outside of the bush and he started to attack people. Other groups of the tribes were scared and ran way because the moment lion Makoi attack he killed almost forty people. Only pajaak tribes left with Makoi and all other tribes left because lion was too strong for them to fight them. Makoi beaten one man on the arm, while he beating this person arm, he just use his arm to open Makoi mouth so that his brother could came with spear and staph Makoi by mouth. Other came with their spears and staph him unit lion Makoi die. Pajaak tribes they came hero warrior in whole Yirol tribes because the killed lion that ate many people in Dinka Agaar, and Dinka Yirol.

The story of lion Makoi has told to every generation to generations because it was a powerful story and amazing story. Pajaak tribes are the hero of Dinka Yirol because if something bad happen in Yirol areas, Pajaak tribes are they people who could come and solved the problem. Pajaak people they don’t back down what batter what they will do it because they don’t scared anything. And that is why Yirol tribes respected Pajaak tribe because they were there hero. The reason why people of Yirol honor Pajaak people was not because they killed lion only, but they did miracle things in Yirol.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]