Story of Mabior Tiok

Long, long year ago there were amazing stories happened in Yirol villages, special in my tribe. Every story as been told in our community, it started from my tribes and passes long to different tribes around Yirol area. Those stories had been told to ...

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Survivor Stories

My name is Abraham Madit Majak and I am one of the lost boys of Sudan who came to America in the winter of 2001. The story of my life is much like other lost boys of Sudan, but it is also different from many. My long journey started in 1983 when civi ...

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Story of Lion Makoi

Lion Makoi was a wild lion that eat people in the villages in southern Sudan. Lion Makoi’s story was well known in our society because it was amazing story to tell to the people. This story has been told generation to generations because it has a pow ...

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Dinka Culture

In every culture around the world have their own important values that they are unique to other cultures. The important values and morals that are taught to every generation in any cultures may not be the same to other cultures all over the world; be ...

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